Just In: Four New Blends of DOMA Coffee

We just received a fresh shipment of coffee from the master roasters at DOMA Coffee Roasting Company, and we have to confess, we spent a good 15 minutes or so sniffing the bags before putting them on shelves. Yes, coffee bag sniffing, it’s a problem we have. Don’t judge us. It’s a difficult thing to stop when hit with the seriously amazing aroma emanating from each bag, a foreshadowing tease of the goodness inside.

With our new DOMA shipment, we’re stoked to offer you four new delicious blends: La Bicicletta, MaryJane’s Organic Blend, Virgil’s Organic Blend and The Chronic.

La Bicicletta is a great blend for those tempted by a rich, smooth and supremely balanced taste. It’s great for drinking any time of the day, but we like it best as a late-in-the-day treat with its floral, milk chocolate and toasted nut flavors and “sweet and snappy” finish. While it’s all about the bean in the bag, the packaging, which features a killer skull+bicycle illustration on a hand letterpressed, recyclable/compostable kraft bag, doesn’t go unnoticed.

The MaryJane’s Organic Blend is a rich, explosively flavorful dark roasted blend of 100% organic, fair trade coffee. Its robust aroma and explosively rich flavor makes it a great go-to, get-up-and-go morning joe.

Virgil’s Organic Coffee is also a superb first, second and third cup of the day blend, offering a powerful force of flavor that’s perfectly rich and intense.

Finally, but certainly not least, there’s The Chronic, a bit darker roast featuring organic, fair trade beans from Central and South America. DOMA puts it best with its description:

Hot umber fuel to re-whiten the reddest of eyes, The Chronic warms the palate and the tummy with hints of cocoa and walnut with a concise, smooth finish, with hints of remembering the previous evening.

Word is The Chronic is roasted to perfection while Bob Marley is playing on the turntable, and if you listen closely while you drink it, we swear you can hear “Stir It Up” playing.

All four blends and other coffees from DOMA, including the limited edition Costa Rica Las Lajas, are available now at our Wicked+ store in Hermosa Beach, both whole beans and grind for drip. Come and get it while it’s fresh and good.


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  1. ricky says:

    coffee is like whole new science in itself, so many different kinds flavors, aromas, kicks, effects etc. once a while i try this kind of flavors and i really enjoy them, thanks for the nice work.

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