Near-Death Big Wave Wipeout Inspires Inflatable Billabong V1 Wetsuit

Big wave surfer Shane Dorian experienced the worst wipeout of his life last year at Mavericks during one of the largest swells to hit the Pacific Dorian. Held under water for two massive waves, Dorian nearly drowned. Shaken by the experience but certainly not willing to give up his pursuit of 50-foot waves, Dorian was inspired to develop a wetsuit for big wave surfers that housed a quick-inflating air-bladder with a rip cord — similar to the ones they have for airline passengers. Dorian reached out to Hub Hubbard, a wetsuit designer at Billabong, and the two got to work with the help of Mustang Survival Corporation, a manufacturer of dry suits, flotation systems and other marine lifesaving gear. The video above tells the story of how Dorian, Billabong and Mustang collaborated to create the Billabong VI wetsuit, a game changer and life saver in the sport of big wave surfing.

h/t to Joe Magee (@KJMagee)

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  1. Jeff D says:

    Awesome job by Billabong…thanks for for sharing big Colin.

    jeff d
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