Pennywise’s Fletcher Dragge + 3rd St. Tattoo Tag The Walls Of Abigaile

The above video produced by Wicked+ and shot/edited by Billy Yang captures Fletcher Dragge, lead guitarist of Pennywise, and the crew from 3rd St. Tattoo as they graffiti the walls of Abigaile just days before the new Hermosa Beach restaurant opened earlier this month. With the sounds of his favorite punk acts blaring in the room and fueled by “PBR and Benadryl,” Dragge, along with 3rd St.’s Andrea, Jeremy and Charles, took to the walls with spray paint and stencils to pay homage to Black Flag and the other punk acts who used to live and play in the space back when it was known as “the Church.”

As seen during an interview in the seminal documentary The Decline of Western Civilization, members of Black Flag were paying about 16 bucks a month to rent out a closet in the abandoned Baptist church, rehearsing where they slept and trying to make enough money to buy some food. Several other bands and rotating cast members of the South Bay Hardcore scene also inhabited “the Church,” including the DescendentsRed Cross (later to become Redd Kross due to legal issues), Circle Jerks, and The Last.

Hermosa Beach’s Jed Sanford, owner of Abigaile, wanted to pay homage to the history of its location and its role in one of rock’s most influential movements. To that end, Fletcher and his crew of tattoo artists from 3rd St. Tattoo were given carte blanche over the blank canvases of Abigaile’s walls to create the feeling that this space was home base for an entire scene. They studied the portion of The Decline of Western Civilization that was shot inside the Church and recreated some of the graffiti that can be seen on the walls behind Ginn and Ron Reyes, Black Flag’s lead singer at the time, during their interview. They also added their own touches including posting reproduced flyers from some of the hardcore shows in and around the South Bay and LA during those years.

Abigaile is a client of Wicked+. Wicked+ was tasked with conceiving all brand identity for Abigaile, including its name and logo, and has been tasked with PR and marketing for the restaurant. To learn more about Abigaile and its distinctive take on the new American brasserie experience, visit abigailerestaurant.com.

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